Name: Sharon Perkins
Phone: 603-934-5445
New Hampshire
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A friend introduced me to Access Consciousness with the question, “How does it get any better than that?” She suggested that I asked the question whenever things were not going so good, and even when things were going great. Wow, was I surprised at the results from asking such a simple question! Not only did the things that “weren’t so good” begin to show up different, the things that were great, got even greater!! How DOES it get any better than that? Try it and see what happens for you.

That’s what I love about Access Consciousness; it’s all about asking questions and allowing more possibilities to show up. I started asking questions and now I’m different; my life is different. All sorts of possibilities are showing up.

I invite you to come and play with me. I’m a Certified Bars Facilitator based in New Hampshire. Join me for a Bars class, a Bars session or a session using other Access Body Processes. I’m also open for Bars/Access Body Process exchanges (gifting and receiving).

So what else is possible?

If you’re looking for a class and I don’t currently have one scheduled, contact me and we’ll create one! How does it get any better than that?

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See you soon,

Access Consciousness Mantra: “All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory®”

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